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[Editor’s Pick] Oh Danny Boy

If he was alive, September 7, 2018, would have been Danny Chan's 60th birthday. Though the legendary singer has long left us, his many hit songs remain as classic representatives of eighties Hong Kong music and Cantopop ballads. To commemorate Danny's 60th birthday, Universal Music launched a special project that included a memorial concert and the tribute album The World Sings Danny Chan produced by veteran Alan Tsui. The album begins with Alan Tam's version of "Cherish Today" (Track 1) and the classic encouraging line of "Put down your worries / Please cherish today." The original song is probably the best example of how Danny's music blended traditional "xiao diao" melody with a ... Read More

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[Editor’s Pick] Soulful ballads to welcome fall

Autumn is just around the corner – it's finally the season of ballad! Looking through the Korea digital music sites, the top two songs are currently without exception Roy Kim's "The Hardest Part" and Lim Chang Jung's "There Has Never Been A Day I Haven't Loved You." All-round artist Lim Chang Jung's sensational 2016 song "The Love I Committed" hit 200,000 likes on Melon, Korea's biggest music streaming site. This fall, he returns with some new hit-songs-to-be and remakes of his two classics! Following his megahits "The Love I Committed" and "Love Again," Lim Chang Jung partners up with producer Wild Pig again for the title track "There Has Never Been A Day I Haven't Loved You" (Track 3). ... Read More

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[Editor’s Pick] Genuine love without lust

It's hard to believe that The Poet and The Boy, which won Best Screenplay at the Busan Film Critics Awards and the Women in Film Korea Awards, is only the feature debut of director Kim Yang Hee. In the film, married poet Mr. Hyeon (Yang Ik Joon) finds inspiration and infatuation in attractive young man Se Yoon (Jung Ga Ram) who works at a donut shop near his home. There are many questions about whether Mr. Hyeon and Se Yoon are truly in love or not. Rather than giving an exact answer, Kim Yang Hee shows the parallel between the backgrounds of the two and their surrounding characters. Mr. Hyeon is out of ideas and teased by other poets for writing vague and lame poems. With his wife (Jeon ... Read More

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[Editor’s Pick] Teen power overload!

Time flies. It's hard to believe that NCT Dream is already two years old. I still remember how I was all excited while waiting for Chewing Gum to be released, and the young and adorable boys in the music video just seem like yesterday to me. Go from NCT 2018 Empathy marked the beginning of the group's transformation from the cute and energetic boys in We Young to chic and swaggy teens. Now the teenage subunit returns with the brand new hip-hop-style record We Go Up! Written by Kenzie and Mark, urban hip-hop track We Go Up (Track 1) serves as the title track for this album. The tempo, hooks and roaring and bell sounds make the whole song more addictive. The song's lyrics, in short, say "Let ... Read More

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[Editor’s Pick] Music from Mirai, Sounds from the Past

When I first heard Yamashita Tatsuro's latest single, I smiled at the singer-songwriter's timeless ability to write new songs that sound like old songs. At the time, I had not yet watched Hosoda Mamoru's animated feature film Mirai for which the songs were made. After watching Mirai, I now smile at the songs for capturing the sentiments of the film so perfectly in melody form. Yamashita previously created the beautiful theme song Bokura no Natsu no Yume for Hosoda's 2009 film Summer Wars (an acoustic live version of that song is included on this single). For Mirai, he made the theme song Mirai no Theme ("Theme of Mirai") and ending theme Uta no Kisha ("Music Train"), which are delightful ... Read More

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