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Daily Archives: October 19, 2018

The Khashoggi affair upsets some, pleases others

For Syrians, the journalist who went missing (and was possibly decapitated) in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul was in favour of beheadings by the Islamic State group because he was in favour of political Islam. Once a supporter of Saudi Arabia, he moved closer to the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey and Qatar. Now the friendship between the Saudi throne and the United States is at risk. Mohammed bin Salman is on his way out.

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Australia steps up its Pacific pivot

Author: Joanne Wallis, ANU The level of Australian strategic interest in the Pacific islands is reaching a height not seen since concerns about perceived state ‘failure’ in the Solomon Islands motivated Australia to lead the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands in 2003. Fuelling this interest is an escalating number of public references to China’s […]

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