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About Us

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Horizon Asia was established to promote economy, culture (arts, music, cinema, fashion, gastronomy, etc.) by providing information and explicit analyses on these sectors and thus contributing to a better understanding of the Asian world in the West.

Presentation of the magazine

The primary aim of the magazine is to project a dynamic image of the Asia zone, is to inform and to discover the many facets of India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Japan etc.

In this context, the summary highlights a wide variety of topics about educational and professional analysis of economic markets.

Horizon Asia is a portal on modern Asia, to transcribe faithfully on developments, economic and cultural changes which were represented particularly in these recent years by Chinese and Indian expansions.

The Concept

Horizon Asia is a quarterly and bimonthly magazine on the Asian continent, consisting of 64-pages. It has for vocation to act on two perspectives: the economic and the cultural.

The magazine, through its different sections wants a clear and professional opening on Asian Economics (Business Economics, Investment…) but also pleasant and dynamic with the Cultural pages (Food, Arts, Cinema, Events, Fashion, Luxury etc …)

The website

The website “” is a supplement of the magazine devoted to Asia.

It binds together the various headings proposed in the magazine (Culture, Economy…) through a clear interface, smart design, to present the magazine.

Regularly updated, it allows users to learn the latest information about Asia.