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Adorable Dog Photobombs Every Single One of Mapmaker’s Street View Photos

Walking for miles and miles a day while carrying a heavy backpack strapped to your body is all in a day’s work for digital mapmakers. While the task sounds arduous, it can include some adorable moments, like the one experienced by a mapmaker working for Daum, a Kakao-owned web portal, in South Korea.

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While taking pictures of Jukdo, an extremely small but incredibly idyllic island in South Korea, the mapmaker came across a rather friendly and furry local who wanted to join his journey around the 0.4-mile-long and 0.3-mile-wide stretch of land.

Kakao Map/Daum

What appears to be a golden retriever followed the photographer on his entire trip across the island, which means the adorable pup appears in every single one of the shots including along the beach, across a picnic area, through a few fields, and more. Not a single human appears in the maps, though that shouldn’t surprise you, as a 2004 census showed that only a family of three was living on the island, Mashable reported. No word on how many dogs live there.

Check out the tiny island and its adorable ambassador in the photos below.

Kakao Map/Daum
Kakao Map/Daum
Kakao Map/Daum

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