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Book cooking and the PNG election


Author: Paul Flanagan, Canberra On 9 July, Papua New Guinea’s Election Advisory Committee resigned in a devastating blow to the credibility of the country’s 2017 election. The failure of the O’Neill government to provide this high level constitutional committee with factual electoral information suggests deliberate efforts to obstruct the truth. The three-member Election Advisory Committee […]

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Danger at Doklam for India and China


Author: M. Taylor Fravel, MIT The standoff between China and India on the Dolam plateau in the Doklam region has lasted for more than one month. Both sides have miscalculated, with potentially dire consequences.  China clearly did not appreciate India’s sensitivity towards any Chinese presence on the Jampheri Ridge south of the Dolam Plateau and […]

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Empty US threats over North Korea are serving Beijing’s interests


Author: Hugh White, ANU When North Korea tested a ballistic missile back in February, the Trump administration threatened military action. They did the same thing when Pyongyang tested again on 4 July. But each time, after a few days of ­rising anxiety, the tough talk evaporated. Washington went back to the same old measures — sanctions and […]

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To Doklam and back: India–China standoff


Author: Sourabh Gupta, ICAS China and India are locked yet again in a standoff of Himalayan proportions. Almost five weeks after Indian troops trespassed and forcibly halted the activities of a Chinese road construction crew on a narrow plateau at the China–Bhutan–India tri-junction area in the Sikkim Himalayas, the two sides appear no closer to […]

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Why isn’t Thailand’s middle class fond of democracy?


Author: Pavin Chachavalpongpun, Kyoto University The growth of the middle class and civil society plays a pivotal role in the promotion of democracy. They closely monitor a government’s performance and its commitment to good governance. The middle class also demands access to political resources, while underscoring the importance of participatory democracy. But in Thailand the […]

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US-China cooperation on North Korea remains critical


Author: Brendan Taylor, ANU China is under pressure to deliver a solution to the increasingly dangerous North Korean crisis. Following North Korea’s test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), US President Donald Trump has called upon Beijing to put a ‘heavy move’ on Pyongyang to bring an end to the ‘nonsense’. He has tweeted previously […]

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Simplistic views of Indonesian Islam are limiting Australian diplomacy


Author: Greg Fealy, ANU A recent survey asked Australians to select words that best represent Indonesia. By far the most popular word was ‘religious’ (68 per cent), which subsequent focus group discussions revealed mainly denoted ‘Islam’. Participants held overwhelmingly negative views of Indonesian Islam, associating it with terrorism and the Middle East. If it is […]

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Questions about China’s growth


Authors: Editors, East Asia Forum Last week’s data out of China recorded half a year of 6.9 per cent GDP growth. China has nudged its relatively rapid growth up a notch on a year ago and continues to perform well above the global average. Whatever doubts there may be about the reliability of China’s GDP […]

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China’s macroeconomic balancing act


Authors: Yiping Huang, Yan Shen and Quizi Fu, Peking University At the National People’s Congress meeting in early March, the Chinese Government set its annual growth target at 6.5 per cent, a couple of notches lower than the actual performance of 6.7 per cent in 2016. In the first half of this year growth in […]

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25 years of ASEAN–India integration


Author: Prabir De, Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS) 2017 marks 25 years of ASEAN–India partnership. In 1992, India joined ASEAN as a sectoral partner, at a time when India was a relatively inward-looking economy. Today there are 30 dialogue mechanisms between India and ASEAN, including a summit and seven ministerial meetings in […]

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