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Australia’s place in the new world order


Author: Allan Gyngell, AIIA In 2017, Australians had to acknowledge that the global order that had shaped the world since the end of World War II was not challenged or changing but over. The old order never functioned perfectly, but its central tenets were always clear: its normative values (set out in documents such as […]

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Stability reigns but Sri Lanka might stay in chains


Author: Dushni Weerakoon, Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka Strong macro-stabilisation efforts characterised Sri Lanka’s economic policy in 2017. After two years of budgetary turmoil, fiscal consolidation efforts under an ongoing IMF program are delivering higher revenues for the cash-strapped Treasury. A stronger fiscal footing is allowing Sri Lanka’s central bank to act pragmatically […]

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Indonesia still struggling to keep its generals confined to barracks


Author: Hipolitus Wangge, Marthinus Academy Indonesia’s democracy still faces the New Order legacy of military ambition within civilian political institutions, even after 19 years of reformation and the retreat from politics of the Indonesian military (known in Indonesian as the Tentara Nasional Indonesia, or TNI). The recent public displays of political aspiration by former general […]

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More to Australia–Japan security than bilateral defence ties


Author: Shiro Armstrong, ANU Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is visiting Japan today. Whatever else is said, at the top of the agenda in his discussions with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be managing relations with the United States and China. These are the superpowers that determine and underpin economic, political and national security […]

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Sanctions did not stop North Korea’s sallow sustenance in 2017


Author: Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein, University of Pennsylvania Many analyses of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea overstate change and understate continuity in North Korean politics and its international relations. Given the lack of credible and verifiable information on much of the affairs surrounding the country, it is easy to take any new information as indicative […]

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Has Cambodia’s economic boom imploded?


Author: Heidi Dahles, Griffith University Cranes building Phnom Penh’s rapidly rising skyline give testimony to Cambodia’s enduring economic success as well as to China’s commitment to investing in the Kingdom’s infrastructure. Cambodia has been highly successful in attracting foreign direct investment, creating employment and alleviating poverty for millions. The outstanding performance of its economy has […]

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All eyes on Xi in 2018


Author: Ryan Manuel, Hong Kong University 2018 will see China take stock after the recently concluded 19th Party Congress, which outlined the new administration that will run the country for the next five years. In general, the year following a Party congress focusses on the transition to and consolidation of a new government, which leads […]

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Vietnam adjusts to the Trump era


Author: Editorial Board, East Asia Forum The past year has been one of readjustment for Vietnam as it was forced to adapt to the new economic and geopolitical realities of the Trump presidency. Chief among these is the withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) — a centrepiece of Barack Obama’s efforts to […]

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Vietnam’s diplomatic acrobatics in the post-American era


Author: Thomas Jandl, TJMR Asia Consulting After the 2016 election, hope remained in Hanoi that President Trump, once in office, would turn from firebrand protectionist campaigner into a leader who accepted the value of open trade — a cause in which the Vietnamese government had invested so much in preparation for Vietnam’s membership of the […]

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Vietnam’s economy stays its course despite external headwinds


Author: Suiwah Leung, ANU Things got off to a bad start for Vietnam’s economy in 2017 with the shock withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Subsequent uncertainties about Canada’s participation in a potential TPP-11 agreement that excludes the United States were a further disappointment. Other more positive economic indicators have offset […]

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