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Geopolitical risk on the Korean peninsula


Author: Editorial Board, East Asia Forum With North Korea as a neighbour, geopolitical risk is a fact of life for South Korea. North and South Korea are still technically in a state of war: the armistice that ended the Korean War in 1953 left the two countries in a perpetual state of ceasefire — with […]

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Where is China’s cutting-edge culture heading?


Author: Michael Keane, Curtin University Visitors to the Chinese city of Shenzhen looking for evidence of cultural innovation are often bemused by the city’s overt showcasing of the artificial — a full-scale replica of the Swiss ski resort Interlaken, a miniature Eiffel Tower in a theme park called Window on the World and Van Gogh […]

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Why does Indonesia seem to prefer foreign aid from China?


Author: Pierre van der Eng, ANU When Australia reduced its foreign aid to Indonesia by 40 per cent in 2015, Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry responded that ‘Indonesia … is no longer a country that needs aid for development’. At face value, this seems to be the case. Data released by the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) […]

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Can South Korea lead regional financial governance?


Author: Ramon Pacheco Pardo, King’s College London Regional financial governance in East Asia currently lacks a leading power that can ensure the region’s future development. Neither China nor Japan command the necessary support in the region to assume a leadership role, and both often seem more interested in developing their own bilateral networks. Meanwhile, internal […]

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Fault lines are becoming unbridgeable in US–Pakistan relations


Author: Imtiaz Gul, CRSS Strategic fault lines in US–Pakistan relations have never been more pronounced, nor have Washington’s geo-strategic intentions for Pakistan ever been made more explicit. This is a function of non-negotiable constants that underpin each nation’s attitude to the other that are unlikely to change soon. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated […]

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Overstating Chinese influence in Australian universities


Author: Fran Martin, Melbourne University Both Australia’s national government and its security agency ASIO have expressed concerns over the influence that the Chinese government exerts on Chinese student groups studying at Australian universities. They have also accused Beijing of using those groups to spy on Chinese students in Australia. Ministers, security specialists and the media […]

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Indonesian voting behaviour beyond Jakarta


Author: Diego Fossati, Griffith Asia Institute The recent gubernatorial elections in Jakarta have generated vigorous debate about the state of democracy in Indonesia. Many observers have commented on the rise of nativist sentiment and Islamic radicalism and have argued that this new salience of identity politics poses a threat to pluralism and the rule of […]

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China’s SEO reform wrangle


Author: Xinling Wang, China Policy For the past twenty years, Chinese reformers have sought to improve the efficiency of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), with the latest through mixed-ownership reform. Despite the ever-deepening process, so far the new initiatives have not been very fruitful. The Chinese government has felt for years that its investments are trapped in […]

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China’s Korean Peninsula balancing act


Author: Nate Kerkhoff, Yonsei University During its 19th National Communist Party Congress spectacular in October 2017, China indicated that it would take a more active approach to foreign policy. There have already been indications that China’s revamped foreign policy is in action in the Korean Peninsula. But whether or not this signals a new era […]

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