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Riyadh acknowledges Jamal Khashoggi’s murder but blames ‘rogue …

For the Saudi Foreign Ministry, an unauthorised team is responsible for the journalist’s death. The latter was a serious mistake but the royal family is not involved. Tomorrow, Erdogan’s ultimatum expires. The Turkish president threatens to make public evidence about the murder. Saudi king Salman and Crown Prince Muhammed called the journalist’s family on the phone.

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Yilan train derailment: 18 dead, 190 injured

A malfunctioning power system is the probable cause of the disaster. The train, very popular among tourists, runs along the island’s east coast. Tsai Ing-en pledges action. Mainland authorities extend their condolences.

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Kostantin Sigov: We want Ukrainian autocephaly and end to Russian exploitation of religion for …

The great Ukrainian intellectual explains the reasons that push his people to demand independence from the patriarchate of Moscow. In Russia, state pressures and the exploitation of the Church are the order of the day. An independent Church would be a very important step towards the liberation of Ukraine from its Soviet past. But the problem is above all a spiritual one.

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In a war between China and the United States, China would lose and the Party fall

Chinese social networks are a buzz with rumors of a possible war between the two world giants. Many, blinded by nationalism, push China to counter the US in the South China Sea. And even Xi Jinping's think tanks are pushing for war, extolling a possible victory. For the great dissident in exile, the result of a confrontation would be the defeat of China and the end of the communist dictatorship in the country. But with much suffering for the Chinese people.

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