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Seoul denies signals of an impending launch of missiles from the North


According to some Pentagon sources last week the North administration transported a missile launcher on a truck to Kus�ng, near the northwestern coast of the country. Today is the anniversary of the Armistice between the two Koreas. A test would be another provocation after the July 4 launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. Moon Jae-in Administration confirms the line of dialogue.

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In Java, 19 new priests ordained in just two weeks


Yesterday, two Batak priests were ordained in Padang. Two days ago 8 priests in the diocese of Semarang. Two weeks ago, six new Jesuit priests in Kotabaru. Many young people reflect on the basic meaning of their lives and decide to enter seminaries. A very different situation from the one in the West.

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Interfaith conference for peace and forgiveness held in Jerusalem


All three monotheistic religions in the Holy Land were represented. In a world where hurting others has become a "pastime", it is necessary to embark on a journey to build a future that is not marked by hate. Whoever hates is its first victim. It is crucial to educate children to carry these values ​​into the future. For Cardinal Tagle, we must follow the example of Christ on the cross and bear witness to forgiveness.

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