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First ‘concrete’ steps of reconciliation between the two Koreas

Seoul dismantles the loud speakers with which it broadcast anti-Pyongyang propaganda. North Korea brings its time zone half an hour ahead, on a par with the South. Kim Jong-un has promised to close the main nuclear test site, opening oversight to South Korean and US experts and journalists. The diplomatic ferment continues: Chinese Foreign Minister in Beijing, waiting for the US-North Korea summit and opening glimmers of hope for a meeting with Japan.

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Fr Mark Ventura, tribal rights advocate against mining interests, killed in Cagayan

Today’s murder is second of a priest in recent months. An unidentified man fired twice at the victim after Sunday Mass. Mgr Sergio Lasam Utleg, archbishop of Tuguegarao, went to the crime scene where he led prayers with the faithful present. The Bishops’ Conference want the authorities “to act swiftly in going after the perpetrators of this crime and to bring them to justice”.

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Pope: May collaboration in Korea bear ‘good fruit’ for the whole world

"To remain in the Lord to find the courage to move outside of ourselves, outside of our comfort zones, from our restricted and protected spaces, to move into the open sea of ​​the needs of others and give our Christian witness to the world". "The dynamism of the believer's charity is not the result of strategies, it is not born from external solicitations, of social or ideological demands, but from our encounter with Jesus and abiding in Jesus". ...

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Mirziyoyev exiles ministers to poor provinces

Crack down on government officials: improve the life of the population or lose your job. Threats also to the district authorities of the capital: six months to attract foreign capital, or close your offices. "Unsatisfactory" mayor of Tashkent also replaced.

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World powers watching Korea: applause and caution

China praises the "courage" of the two leaders and promises to continue to play a "positive role" for peace. Trump applauds summit with a tweet. The caution of Japan. Meanwhile, the two Koreas promise to start infrastructural projects that connect the peninsula.

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The difficult reopening of Catholic churches in Russia

The restitution of Catholic religious buildings continues to meet with resistance from the authorities. The "breaking down" of the wall of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The re-consecration of a church in Ryazan and the pretexts for denying the restitution of the church of Kirov.

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