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Chinese representative in Macao commits suicide

Zheng Xiaosong, 59, jumped from the top story of his residence. For the government "he suffered from depression". In recent years, due to the anti-corruption campaign, many Chinese bureaucrats have committed suicide. Tomorrow he was due to take part in the inauguration of the new mega-bridge between Zhuhai, Macao and Hong Kong.

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Mumbai: Nadia Murad, anti-Isis symbol given 2018 Mother Teresa award

For the president of the Harmony Foundation, the Yazidi activist is the voice of those who "cannot defend themselves". The agency's fight against "sexual abuse and violations of women and children". Even today, thousands of people are enslaved by jihadists. Murad's appeal they be freed and helped on the path of recovery.

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Pope: World Mission Day, being with the young is the path

During the Angelus, Pope Francis noted the many "examples of young people who found the meaning and joy of life in Jesus” through other young people. A Hail Mary is dedicated to the missionaries who, “far from their homeland”, spent a lifetime proclaiming the Gospel. ...

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The Khashoggi affair upsets some, pleases others

For Syrians, the journalist who went missing (and was possibly decapitated) in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul was in favour of beheadings by the Islamic State group because he was in favour of political Islam. Once a supporter of Saudi Arabia, he moved closer to the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey and Qatar. Now the friendship between the Saudi throne and the United States is at risk. Mohammed bin Salman is on his way out.

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Tehran lets women in stadium prompting reformists’ praise and …

About hundred women watched a friendly match between Iran and Bolivia. Pictures and videos of happy women spectators made it on the net and into newspapers. For supporters, this is a "step forward". Hard-liners slammed the decision, including Iran’s chief prosecutor who is threatening harsh measures. For critics, women’s presence is harmful and sinful.

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Missionary Day: Everyone is a player in evangelisation, says Card Filoni

During the presentation of this year's Missionary Day, the focus was on bearing witness and proclaiming Christ guided by love for the Lord and people. In 2019, the Extraordinary Missionary Month that Pope Francis announced will be held October to mark the 100th anniversary of the Apostolic Letter of Pope Benedict XV, "Maximum Illud", which changed the missionary attitude of the Church.

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