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For Burmese Bishops, the Church is a “force for peace” that can mediate on the path …

The prelates are on their ad limina visit with Pope Francis, remembering the pontiff’s historic journey to their country. For Mgr Raymond Sumlut Gam, bishop of Banmaw, the pope’s "messages of love, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation have marked the path of the country". Meanwhile, fighting continues Kachin where the Church mediates between rebels and government forces. The situation of displaced persons, trapped in the jungle, is worrisome.

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For Fr Joe Pereira, the call to holiness applies to drug addicts, thirsty for love and God

The clergyman heads the Kripa Foundation, a Mumbai NGO dedicated to AIDS patients and drug addicts. For him, "In a world filled with violence and addiction, the Pope helps us see the face of God”. At the same time, "the Church needs to move away from old fossilised forms of Christianity and awaken to a more lively and joy-filled spirituality in the likeness of the Master Jesus.”

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Iran’s economy stalling as the world waits for Trump to reject the nuclear agreement

The US president will announce this afternoon his possible "decision" to scrap the deal. For Rouhani, the US will regret its decision. In Tehran prices have doubled in the past few months so a dollar is now worth 70,000 rials. Without the embargo, the US might have been forced to allow the transfer of US$ 150 billion dollars to Iran where the most right-wing factions could be strengthened.

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