Thursday , February 22 2018
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Americas ‘Putin-List’ of pointless sanctions


The list includes114 members of the administration, and 91 "oligarchs", close to President Putin. The excluded fear a loss of prestige in the eyes of the Russians themselves. Putin makes fun of his not being included. Public opinion even more compacted around its supreme leader. Mikhail Fedotov: "It’s as if they randomly chose names form the phone directory".

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Bishops against Dutertes constitutional changes


Prelates bemoan a “feeling of a creeping dictatorship is conjured by past experience.” They warn of a lack of transparency and a shift towards authoritarianism, calling on Catholics to be vigilant and understand the risks of "a rash move for a new Charter".

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After four years, Mousavis house arrest lifted


The reformist leader had been under restrictive measures without a trial since 2011 after leading a protest against Ahmadinejad’s sham re-election. Rouhani, who succeeded the latter, said he wants to put an end to the restrictive measures.

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India has 21 million unwanted girls and 63 million never born


Indian parents have a "preference for a male child" and will continue bringing girls into the world until they generate the male. Although banned, tests for determining the sex of the unborn child are still widespread. Every year two million girls "disappear" through abortion, diseases and malnutrition.

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