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G20 join US against China’s subsidies for state-owned enterprises

Chinese government aid leads to overproduction and sales at lower than market prices, i.e. dumping, which undermines competition. The B20 (G20 business leaders) calls for same level playing field for both state-owned and private enterprises. If China followed the rules of a market economy, it would destroy itself in a few months.

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Pope: beware of being hypocritical Christians who only look at themselves

Jesus speaks of leaven "that makes you grow", but there is also a "bad" leaven that "ruins", which makes it grow "inward". It is that "of the Pharisees, of the doctors of the Law". "The leaven of Christians is the Holy Spirit, who pushes us outwards, makes us grow, with all the difficulties of the journey, even with all our sins, but always with hope".

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Sulawesi, devastation does not stop Catholic volunteers (Photos)

The earthquake caused landslides in at least 16 locations. On the field there is a task force that brings together various organizations. The story of an expedition to bring aid to the villages of Kulawi, about 85 km south of Palu. In the remote village of Sangali, 30 Catholic families in desperate need of assistance reached.

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Imam Drouiche: For fear of hard right, Europe’s left wing fails to condemn Islamism

Muslim immigration in Europe is increasingly fundamentalist and the difference between "moderate" and "jihadist" Islam is getting narrower. The European intellectual world, afraid of inadvertently serving the aims of a xenophobic right, is silent on the violence and on the need for a reform of Islam. There is an urgent need to save young Muslims from fundamentalism. The majority of Muslims are still in a logic of conquest, invasion and Islamization of Europe. ...

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A minister’s resignation boosts #MeToo in India

Mahishasura had it coming

THE MINISTER’S exit proved well-timed. It fell during the festive week of Navaratri, when Hindus celebrate the mythical victory of the ten-armed goddess Durga over the wicked, buffalo-headed, cobra-encoiled demon Mahishasura. The resignation on October 17th of M.J. Akbar, a junior minister, marked the first big triumph for India’s #MeToo movement, and perhaps a turning point for women’s rights.

Mr Akbar, a suave and erudite former newspaper editor, responded with fury to allegations that he repeatedly made unsolicited advances on female subordinates. Asserting that no one had accused him of any form of assault, he dismissed the stories as “fabricated, spiced up by innuendo and malice”. Mr Akbar’s lawyers lodged a private criminal defamation case against Priya Ramani, his initial accuser. The minister also suggested that the accusations were politically motivated.


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