Thursday , February 22 2018
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Jakarta and Moscow agree on sale of 11 fighter jets


The two countries agree on trading palm oil, coffee and tea for Russian fighter jets. Forced by international sanctions, Russia seeks new markets, whilst Indonesia wants to develop the bilateral partnership in tourism, education, energy, technology and aviation.

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Lebanons Adyan Foundation awarded the 35th Niwano Peace Prize


The organisation’s mission is to strengthen coexistence between different groups and create the bases for solidarity between different faiths. To reach this goal, it has developed a Building Resilience and Reconciliation programme for children and educators, which offers a guide for peace and reconciliation for those affected by war in Syria.

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Underground Catholic: We are excluded from dialogue between China and the Holy See


Catholics of the unofficial Church complain that the "imminent" agreement between Rome and Beijing on the appointment of bishops forgets all the persecutions that the Christian communities are subject to.  A criticism also to Msgr. Giuseppe Wi Jingyi, who - according to the author - is "underground” in name but not in nature. The repentant bishops show "repentance" only in private, but continue government policy in public.

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The old and new Ostpolitik of the Holy See (I)


The Vatican’s latest openings to China resemble the path traced by the old Ostpolitik of Card. Agostino Casaroli. Then as now, the Holy See’s moves have provoked and provoke disagreements, criticism and charges of forgetting the persecuted Church and human rights violations. Casaroli himself had doubts about his effectiveness, although he was eager to implement the dimension of dialogue, rediscovered with the Second Vatican Council. Part One.

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Pope: Lent: temptation, conversion and good news


At the Angelus, Pope Francis emphasizes that Lent is a time of "spiritual training" to overcome evil in us and around us. "In our life we ​​always need conversion, and the Church makes us pray for this". "Only God can give us true happiness: it is useless to waste our time looking for it elsewhere, in riches, in pleasures, in power, in careers". ...

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First New Year in Singapore for Keyuan, an orphan with no ears


His story moved his new adoptive family. Every year in China, 900 thousand children are born with disabilities. The number has increased by 70% in the last 20 years. Many end up in orphanages, abandoned by families. In the absence of social support and with the age limit of adoption at 14, some are not adopted at all.

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