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Night of the Devils of Fear: War in the Saudi royal family


Mohammed bin Salman wants all the power and to gain it he is waging war against everything and against everyone. Added to the external wars - Syria, Yemen, Iran, Qatar, Hezbollah - are internal ones among the Saud. Illustrious arrests of 11 princes, 38 ministers and businessmen for corruption: all allies of the late King Abdallah or rivals to the throne. Among the allies of Mohammed bin Salman: Donald Trump and Israel.

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Nepali Christian leader says no to anti-conversion law


A petition is handed over to the prime minister calling for respect for religious freedom and the implementation of the constitution. "Religious freedom for all, including for Christians, has to be guaranteed not only in words but also in practice.” The prime minister pledges to meet Christian demands before upcoming provincial and federal elections.

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Kirill: The Bolshevik Apocalypse caused by the betrayal of intelligentsia


The Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow is among the few voices that seek to deepen the historical causes of the October Revolution, 100 years after its inception. In general, the Russians prefer the soap-opera of historical re-enactments full of intrigues and love affairs of the Tsarist past. The Russian soul polluted by the Western Enlightenment. 

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Saad Hariri resigns as the Iranian-Saudi tsunami reaches Lebanon’s coast


Prime Minister Hariri announced his resignation in Riyadh. Like a hostage, he thanked his kidnappers and explained the conditions for his release. He is in a hotel along with dozens of detained Saudi politicians and businessmen. The crisis with Iran and the balance of power in the region are at stake. President Aoun will now have the arduous task of managing the transition.

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