Thursday , February 22 2018
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Tsai Ing-wen and Xi Jinping celebrate Lunar New Year differently


The Taiwanese president prayed in a Buddhist ceremony for quake victims and visited Taoist temples, greeting the population and handing out red envelopes. The Chinese president welcomed the New Year with 2,000 guests, business people and Party officials, in the Great Hall of the People. Taiwan’s vice president met with earthquake victims in Hualien.

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Lunar New Year: Redemptorists for homeless veterans


Lá»™c HÆ°ng parish set up a shelter for 13 war veterans. Since 2013, priests have organized initiatives for health care and spiritual support for over 6,000 veterans, 3,500 since 2017. Most are Buddhist or follow ancestral worship, but some of them have become Catholics.

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Colombo: Preventing Rajapaksas return to avoid another civil war


Local elections results could reverse the process of national reconciliation. Under President Sirisena, relations between the government and ethnic minorities has improved. Now “The danger is [. . .] a vicious cycle in which Sinhalese nationalism in the South feeds and sustains the rise of Tamil nationalism in the North.”

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