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Religious Freedom: Jakarta recognises indigenous religious beliefs


The Indonesian Constitution of 1945 says that the state is “based on a belief in the One and Only God”. Indonesians must choose a religion for their identity card. Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism are the only official religions recognised. About 400,000 people claim to belong to religions other than the six official religions. Atheism is not legal in Indonesia and often leads to charges of blasphemy.

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October Revolution: the memory of the martyrs and the fate of Lenin’s mausoleum


The Russian Orthodox Church canonised more than two thousand martyrs of communism, noted Metropolitan Hilarion. "They were ordinary believers, monks and nuns, priests and bishops, almost all shot by Soviet police," he said. The beatification of Catholic martyrs is underway, starting with Konstanty Budkiewicz, who was shot Easter night in 1923. Lenin's burial still proves divisive.

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Pope: woe to those who give scandal, they distance God’s people from the Lord


"How many Christians, by their example, with their inconsistency, drive people away from the Faith: the incoherence of Christians is one of the readiest weapons the devil has to weaken the People of God." "Every shepherd must ask: How is my friendship with money Or the shepherd who seeks to rise: vanity leads him to climb, instead of being gentle, humble, because meekness and humility favor closeness to the people."

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Taipei seeking Southeast Asian migrants to meet labour needs


The economy is in a phase of stagnation with an annual growth of 0.6 per cent. Some 233,000 workers are required in various industries. The country must attract young foreigners and skilled labour to keep pace with developed economies and increase productivity. Diplomatic isolation, a low birth rate and an aging population are major challenges for the national economy.

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