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[Editor’s Pick] Greet the monster in our hearts

The 2000s Taiwan boy band Fahrenheit is probably a familiar name to most fans of Mandopop. After parting ways, Aaron Yan was the first member to go solo with his first release The Next Me. Unlike many idols, Aaron is known for his frank and honest personality as he publicly comments on political issues and even his relationship with other Fahrenheit members. The singer creates the new album Dear Monster under the concept of “REAL AARON” to share his thoughts to every listener.

Most people tend to get used to things that happen around us in everyday life. As days go by, we gradually forget how to think and how to express; we don’t want to be special, we just follow. We hide our unique selves because it would look “odd” to be that one in a million. Britpop number “Dear Monster” (Track 1) brings out this social problem. Though Aaron did not write the lyrics himself, he decided the theme for the song and hopes to encourage every timid soul to bravely live an authentic life. Always stay true to yourself, love your inner self and be yourself!

Similar to “Dear Monster,” “Sleeping Titan” (Track 2) is also a song through which Aaron hopes to encourage and inspire people who are afraid of chasing their dreams. While “Dear Monster” is about facing our inner selves and how we act in front of others, “Sleeping Titan” motivates people to break boundaries and follow their dreams regardless of pressures from society. Compared to “Dear Monster,” this song is more passionate and gives out positive energy. When I first listened to the song, the melody reminded me of the Britpop songs I used to listen to in middle school. The composers of “Sleeping Titan” took reference from Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine to write the 80s retro-style tune of the song.

“Love Fool” (Track 3) is the only love song in this album. Aaron shares his views on love and how he behaves when he falls for someone in this mid-tempo ballad song.

Dear Monster brought me into a deep and profound reflection on life and myself. Though Aaron does not own a super sweet voice, I love how he manages to enunciate every word very clearly every time he sings. I also appreciate his courage to be ever forthright and truthful to the public since that must be especially hard as an artist.

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