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Fog across China shuts down expressways


Beijing (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Since Tuesday, thick fog has forced the closure of expressways in different parts of China with visibility cut to less than 50 metres.

The eastern province of Anhui is one of the worst affected areas. In the city of Fuyang, all expressway entrances were closed and traffic police mobilised to direct vehicles as visibility fell to less than 200 metres. Last month, an accident caused by fog killed 18 and injured 21 in Fuyang.

In neighbouring Linquan county, the weather observatory issued a red fog alert – the highest in the country’s four-tier warning system. The county’s entrances to the main expressway to Beijing were shut at about 2 am, stranding more than 100 lorries.

Dense fog also enveloped the cities of Deyang, Nanchong and Bazhong in southwestern China’s Sichuan province, where access to many arterial roads was temporarily halted as visibility was cut to less than 50 metres in some cases. The same situation prevailed in Tacheng, a county-level city in northwest China’s Xinjiang.

The China Meteorological Administration said today that the fog in northern Anhui and some parts of Sichuan would continue for several days.

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