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How to Book the Most Luxurious Antarctica Cruise Ever Offered

If you love a luxury vacation, but yawn at the idea of idling the hours away on some sun kissed beach, a polar cruise might be more your speed — and soon, you’ll have one seriously outstanding option.

Starting in 2020, a new ship from polar adventure cruise company Quark Expeditions will bring travelers closer to the nature they’re craving while delivering unparalleled comfort on board. Here’s what to expect.

Imagine taking a five-star hotel, tipping it on its side, and sending it afloat through some of the world’s most pristine, icy, otherworldly waters. That’s the approach Quark has taken with its new 200-passenger, 140-crew-member ship, which will offer quicker-than-ever access to off-ship adventures thanks to its 20 fast-loading Zodiacs and two onboard helicopters (plus, simultaneously operable heliports).

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