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Maharashtra farmers victory: Government concedes to demands


Mumbai (AsiaNews / Agencies) – The farmers of Maharashtra have suspended their protest after meeting with local government representatives who have conceded to their requests. Yesterday a delegation of about 50 thousand farmers arrived in Mumbai met the chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, who admitted the right of farmers to own the land they cultivate and new aid to extinguish the agricultural debts that asphyxiate the rural world. Later, the leaders of All India Kisan Sabha (Aiks) affiliated with the Communist Party announced the return home.

The peaceful protest began on March 6th from the district of Nashik. Approximately 35,000 demonstrators left, including many women, children and the elderly. At dawn yesterday, when they arrived at the sports field of Azad Maidan in Mumbai, the final stage of their “long march” of about 180 km travelled on foot. Their ranks had swollen to at least 50 thousand.

The Firstpost, one of the major Indian newspapers in English, reported the comments of some women present. Manibai, from the village of Ambala, says: “We are simple land workers, we want the government to give us land so we can work and feed ourselves and our families”. Parmelabai, from the same village, adds: “We are very poor. We want agricultural land that belongs to us by right “. Vimal Shivaji Badade, from Trimbak, says: “We are only here to fight for our fundamental right to food”.

The requests granted to farmers include: the implementation of the scheme for the cancellation of agricultural debtsapproved last year; compensation for crop damage caused by violent climatic events; the allocation of forest land to those who have been cultivating it for years.

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