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Milan Is Opening a Boutique That Makes Custom Couture for Dogs

Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world. And it’s no longer just for humans.

A new boutique will open later this month in the Italian city where fashion-conscious dog owners can purchase custom couture outfits for their well-heeled, four-legged companions.

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Temellini Dog a Porter is the creation of Giovanna Temellini, a fashion designer and supporter of animal welfare groups. Over her 25-year career, Temellini has worked for fashion houses like Bottega Veneta and Armani, but last year, she turned her attention to canine customers.

After Temellini’s daughter complained that her dog’s ears got wet every time it rained, the designer set out to create a canine clothing line that could be tailored to fit each individual dog client. The Dog a Porter collection sprung from this first hooded coat.

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For each piece, dogs come in for a measurement to ensure the clothing will fit properly.

The canine clothing currently for sale online ranges from $169 for a cashmere t-shirt to $334 for a striped cashmere blanket. Owners can match their dogs with human coats and shirts as well.

At the atelier, Dog a Porter creations are tested by Temellini’s three dogs: two Afghan hounds named Ulisse and Anubi, and a mixed dog named Willy.

Italian designer Giovanna Temellini designed a line of clothing "Dog-à-Porter" dedicated to dogs.  horizonasia

“I am very respectful and attentive to all the requirements of dogs which are to be able to move, run, get dirty and socialize,” Temellini told Agence France Presse. “I refuse to do something that would restrict or ridicule a dog, because they’ll be aware of it.”

Temellini Dog a Porter will open in Milan on Jan. 15.

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