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More than 200 Catholics pray and march in silence over looted Church (Video)


Dhaka (AsiaNews) – More than 200 Catholics from the of Canterbury St Augustine Church, including two priests and four nuns, marched in silence and stood in prayer in response to last week’s attack and looting.

The ceremony took place yesterday, promoted by the parish priest and the local congregation. Participants wore black as a sign of mourning. Some participants spoke to AsiaNews about their sadness over the desecration of the hosts (picture 3).

“The thieves not only hurt our parish priest, but also our Lord Jesus Christ”, said Momota Costa, a housewife. Another Catholic, Shipra Serao, said she wept for the incident and fasted, eating only vegetables.

Fr Chanchal Hubert Pereira thanked his parishioners for their prayers and for taking part in the peaceful march. “I am grateful to God,” he said. “The thieves could have killed me, but God saved me. We continue to pray for our church and to honour the holy hosts.”

Some local leaders vented their anger at the authorities. “It’s been five days, and the police have not arrested anyone. I think they are neglecting to catch the thieves, “said Hamanto Corraya, a parishioner and general secretary of the Bangladesh Christian Association (BCA).

Corraya added that if the police fail to catch the culprits within 15 days, he will organise a protest in Dhaka, in front of the National Press Club.

Domonic Ronjan Purification said that people do not feel safe because the Christian village is undergoing industrial redevelopment, and filling up with new people who inspire fear.

In the evening, Deputy Police Commissioner Navid Kmal from Dhaka’s Uttara district visited the church (picture 4) with 12 policemen.

“We will install five CCTV cameras at the entrance to the church,” he said insisting that they “are honestly trying to catch the thieves.”

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