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Netflix denies changing posters based on viewers’ race

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Image caption Netlix has at least nine different artwork to promote Stranger Things

Netflix has denied altering a viewer’s experience depending on their race.

It’s been accused of “misleading” black users by showing promotional shots of black cast members in films and TV shows – even if they had a minor role.

Netfix told Newsbeat: “We don’t ask members for race, gender or ethnicity so cannot use this information to personalise their individual experience.

“The only information we use is a member’s viewing history.”

Skip Twitter post by @slb79

Other Black @netflix users: does your queue do this? Generate posters with the Black cast members on them to try to compel you to watch? This film stars Kristen Bell/Kelsey Grammer and these actors had maaaaybe a 10 cumulative minutes of screen time. 20 lines between them, tops. pic.twitter.com/Sj7rD8wfOS

— stacia l. brown (@slb79) October 18, 2018

End of Twitter post by @slb79

Netflix’s statement came after the issue was first raised on social media.

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