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News anchor Arnab Goswami quits Times Now

Popular Indian TV host Arnab Goswami has hit the headlines himself as he quit his job as the anchor of the top news channel in the country Times Now. Goswami is known for his loud conversations and arguments on his fast paced news shows. The TV host was known for his habit of interrupting his guests with the phrase ‘India wants to know’.

The news has taken the social media by storm as many are speculating why he quit his job. The news has not yet been announced by the channel but he had announced his resignation at a staff meeting on November 1, 2016. Goswami has so far not specified any reason and even the employer is yet to confirm the news. Arnab was known for his signature style as he hosted the most controversial shows on TV that made him a national icon through Times Now.

Goswami was the editor-in-chief and also hosted the channel’s popular Newshour programme. The pattern of the show included guests talking over one another prompting heated arguments over sensitive issues. A popular newspaper over the news reacted saying that Goswami was “often criticised for being judgmental on his news show”. The newspaper further explained that Arnab has a dedicated viewer base who are fond of his interrogative style of debates. The best part is that the news anchor is also popular among people who hate him.

Times Now has confirmed that Arnab has announced his resignation at a staff meeting on Tuesday but the channel is yet to give a confirmation and were running teasers over his return to the channel after several days of absence. Reports say that the anchor is set to begin his own news venture possibly with Rupert Murdoch news empire, News UK. More reports have said that the new project will be a good competition to the giants like BBC and CNN.

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