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Pilot Who Scammed Air Canada Out of $30,000 in Free Flights Forced to Pay It All Back

A Cathay Pacific pilot has been found guilty of scamming Air Canada out of almost $30,000 in free flights. A Canadian court ordered last month that he must pay back full restitution and complete 20 hours of community service.

From March through July 2013, Marc Anthony Tacchi, a pilot for Cathay Dragon, used a friend to gain fraudulent codes to redeem free flights on Air Canada, according to court documents. Tacchi is a Canadian citizen but a permanent resident of Hong Kong. He made money selling these free flights to acquaintances for a “service fee.”

Tacchi’s friend was reportedly part of a mystery shopper program with Sensors Quality Management Inc. Through the program, he could book flights and receive a full or partial refund on flights for completing a review afterwards. He allegedly shared his promotional code with Tacchi, who booked free flights but did not complete any reviews.

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With the promotional code, Tacchi booked four trips for himself and his family over 13 different legs of flights, including some in first class. He also accrued more than $500 in frequent flier miles from these bookings. He must pay Air Canada back a full restitution of $29,135.08 (CAD$36,551.27).

“The amount involved in these frauds is not insubstantial,” the judge wrote in the sentence. “The sole motivation for these offenses was greed.”

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