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Terms and Conditions

Terms of use

This website is operated by and is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance of the terms, conditions and other terms below. The following may apply to any page or section of the site.


We allow access to protect by copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property content.

You are free to display and print for your personal information, non-commercial and publish the content of our website through web links. You may not reproduce, distribute, or use an item on the site without the prior written consent of the copyright owner.

Requests for permission to reproduce, distribute, or use visual and article found on our website should be sent to us by e-mail.

The use of a protected non-commercial, educational purposes such as teaching, research, commentary and visual personal use is permitted.

Unless otherwise noted, users who wish to download or print text and images from our site for such uses may do so without the permission of Horizon asia, provided they fulfill the following conditions:

  • Users must cite the author.
  • The user must identify the source of the content (
  • The citation must include all copyright information and other information required.
  • No visual or text, or other content contained on this website cannot be altered or modified.
  • You are free to encourage others to visit our website by sharing links and we thank you.
  • You cannot use any trademark displayed on this website without the prior written consent of the trademark owner.

If you have any concerns about material which appears on our site, please contact at

[email protected]

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