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Three Nepali Christians arrested in Uttar Pradesh for spreading Christianity


Shahjahanpur (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Three Nepali Christians have been arrested and jailed on charges of spreading Christianity and insulting the religious beliefs of others.

The three, identified as Indra Bahadur Tamad, Shukra Rai, and Mekh Bahadur, were arrested two days ago and taken into custody (pictured) yesterday.

According to the charges, the three arrived in the city last Sunday and rented a house in the centre, with plans to stay for a while.

Two days ago, they started to explain the Bible in public. According to one of those present, Ravi Prakash Dikshit, they began to insult Hindu gods using offensive language.

Mr Dikshit eventually filed a complaint against them, but a spokesperson for the local police noted that the three will probably be released since there is no “credible evidence against them”. Police “only found some religious texts in their possession.”

Among Evangelicals, other religions are something seen as irredeemable and idolatrous, as the work of the devil.

Catholic theology has a more positive vision of other religions, noting that they contain the “seeds of the Word” to which Christ’s proclamation gives fulfillment.

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