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Tony Fernandes (AirAsia) and Gary Chapman (Emirates) Talk Aviation @ WTTC Global Summit 2017

(HD video and podcast below) Aviation industry update from the Group CEO of AirAsia, Mr. Tony Fernandes, and Gary Chapman, Emirates’ President Group Services and dnata.

This extremely interesting and very open discussion took place at the WTTC Global Summit 2017 in Bangkok on 27 April.

The two discuss, among other things, airports and their associated costs, security and the new laptop ban on certain flights to US and UK, open skies, ultra-long haul travel such as Qantas’ Perth – London flights, flydubai and other low cost airlines operating longer haul flights, ASEAN visas, local opposition to airport expansions such as at London Heathrow, David Cameron’s speech at WTTC Global Summit, logic (or lack thereof) within the travel, tourism and airline industries and much, much more.

The video and podcast contain some strong language.

Tony Fernandes and Gary Chapman Talk Aviation


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