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Video Takes You Inside an Abandoned Shipwreck in Romania

Kayaking through crystal-clear waters is a spectacular activity on its own, but it gets even better when you’re exploring an abandoned shipwreck.

A kayaker recently recorded his exploration into the Evangelia, off the coast of Romania, showcasing what it’s like to explore a long-abandoned shipwreck.

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The Evangelia can be seen from the beach, inviting curious travelers to get a closer look. Here’s what it looks like from the above.

Built for the U.K. Ministry of War and Transport in 1942, the cargo ship was sold to various companies, which over the years changed its original name of Empire Strength to the Saxon Star and eventually the E. Evangelia, according to an online wreck database.

It continued running cargo through the Adriatic and Black Sea up until 1968, when it ran aground in Romania’s Black Sea.

Today, the ship stands in stark contrast to the turquoise waters that surround it. Though the remains stand rusted today, the ship’s corridors are hauntingly alluring. In addition to kayaking, there are also small motorboat and banana boat rentals that can take you to tour the ship.

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