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When can I buy a 5G phone and how much will it be?

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Image caption 5G could transform a smartphone and headset into a virtual reality device outside

Superfast 5G mobile broadband sounds exciting, but there’s a major drawback: we’ll need to buy new phones. Will the extra expense be worth it and when will we be able to buy one?

To benefit from superfast mobile, due for launch over the next couple of years, we’ll all need to buy new phones.

And as we know with all new technologies, the first models won’t come cheap.

The next generation of phones will need a much more complex antenna, a whole new chipset or brain, and a way of managing the extra energy richer 5G services will gobble up.

Much of the base engineering is solved, says Scott Petty, Vodafone UK’s chief technology officer. Now engineers are working on miniaturisation and how to scale up manufacturing to keep costs down, he says.

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